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Love or Fear

Love or Fear

Which choice to make?

When a decision is in front of you that scares the sh**t out of you, but you have faith somewhere in the back of the mind, lurking around (perhaps way back) and occasionally popping it's head up.  Do make you make the decision on the basis of love or the fear?

I have had many experiences in my younger years where I was making decisions based on fear.  Then one day I was hit by a car

and in hospital, for 3 months.  I woke up and realised I was OK, things were better than ok, this was meant to help me learn something new, to be someone new.

The key thing I learnt through the rehab was that I really only have two choices: to do things in LOVE or FEAR.

While that hasn't always been easy when I am stressed or sick or under pressure.  When I take the time to centre myself and be calm and present, it is much easier.

So let me give you some food for thought, if you want to comment with answers that is great:

  • How often do you make decisions from a calm or centred place?
  • How often do you make the pause and take time to calm yourself before making decisions?
  • What do you do to calm yourself so you make the best decisions possible?

When I am in this calm and centred head space the best decisions ever are made. 

One example that immediately comes to mind


I was working a temp job in a government department where I had some freedom in the role to focus on the elements that I enjoyed most, the helping investigators to maximise the computer systems and hardware available to them.  It was a somewhat stressful role and frustrating, in that I had to tell some people the same things many many times and they still needed reminding, plus work load pressures. 
MMMM, now that I look at very similar to being an entrepreneur mother.
Anyway, the stress would prevent me making the best decisions about the workload priorites.  When I disconnected from the tasks of the role and focused on me internealised and accepted that I could meet the needs of the role I was able to easily prioritise, making efficient decisions and working efficiently.


What examples can you look back on where you have done well in decision making (and perhaps efficiency)?

How can you do more of that on a consistent basis?

How can you trust in yourself and the Universe more?







Thank you for the insight and realisations writing this has given me.

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Saturday, 19 June 2021
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