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Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Do you really listen well?

When in discussions with partners or friends, do you ever find your mind drifting off and thinking about irrelevant things, like the shopping list or something you forgot to do?

Well it maybe no surprise this happens to many people, especially when the topic is not important to you.
I wonder how many times you do it at work or in business situations?  It is probably more often than you are aware of.
What affect does this have on your productivity or effectiveness?  These are often consequences that we don't like to or often think about. 


Some of the affects of not listening well:

  • You get the instructions incorrect
  • You don't understand others perspective and feelings well or at all
  • Others think you are incompetent
  • People get frustrated with you
  • People begin to build negative rapport with you
  • You feel inadequate
  • Your confidence diminishes



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