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PlanIt Biz Success

Welcome to the Planitbiz Success Blog. You can find information here about planning and running a successful business, and much more!

Business Planning to LEAP into 2018

purpose chunking downLeverage, Estimate, Action, Polish – leads to improving and growing your business Where do we Start For many years there have been masses of business plans available on the internet and all have been very similar.  Pages and pages of information that is hard to put together, difficult to make sense of and monitor.  They have been developed from large corporate organisations and for the view of banks and for business owners to get external funding.  Most small business owners struggle to complete them or don’t bother, and rightly so. This doesn’t mean planning is not essential or useful, quite to the contrary.  The issue with these is the format they have been compiled in. The research I have conducted, confirmed what we have been told for years, that most small business owners don’t plan at all.  Those that do (which is only less than 10% - 10/100 = 10 people) only do short term superficial planning on things they know they can do, not things that will lead to success. Of the 10% who do plan (10/1 = 1 person), 5% (.05/1 = .05 person) do so well and of that 3% (.03/.05 = .0015 person) generally achieve at least 80% of their goals.     What do I need to have an effective business plan There are steps involved to create an effective and useful business plan but they all require clarity. Planning takes clarity and effort, but not as much effort as the actions. Get clear. Your long term vision is a reflection of yourself. How much you know yourself and are connected in shown in the long term clarity of your plan.  How much you know yourself is reflected in the level of detail you have in your vision and plan.  The trusting you can achieve it is reflected in the mission.  If you want to have more clarity, get real with yourself, uncover the hidden and let go of the fears, embrace the tucked away about you, your dreams and what you’re good at and what you love doing. The only things in your Vision and Intentions are those that you are passionate about.  Yes it is true there will be Milestones and Goals that don’t drive you as much or at all, but if they are linked to the things you are passionate about then your motivation and ability to manage the business and team to achieve your desired success will be much higher. The important part here is to leverage everything you know about yourself and your business in the planning process and in the content of the plan, the strategies chosen and your personal actions. Clarity is core If you have clarity around what your key strengths are and what you want to create in the longer term then you can put things in your plan that others would let them get in their way or stop them in their tracks.  When I say longer term I mean big hairy audacious goals that many people put in the “would be nice someday” basket, yet too scared to think about exactly what you want it to look or feel like and how it might happen.  It is when we embrace this and surrender to the dream, accept that we can have this and do deserve this that the Universe can start to assist in it’s actualisation.  It knows what we need, when and from whom it is best serving everyone. Personality counts There is another contributing factor here to the level of clarity we can have around what we want to achieve and that is the scale of the objective and our personality. Let me explain this with an example, a story. Quinten was a social worker working for an international aid organisation.  He was involved in the funding allocations for different branches and streams of the organisation.  Quinten became aware of the fact that much of the funds received paid for the wages of organisations management and staff and that only about 3.5% went through to provide aid.  His personality was that of a person who is Earthy and has great long term vision, for the team particularly.  Quinten could see where and when the funding allocations should be modified and have a more significant impact on the objectives of the aid project.  A few years late he created his own international aid organisation for young international students to receive basic essentials, where most of the funds and resources donated went to the aid recipients.  One of his fund partners (Robert) had a different personality and couldn’t see the long term benefit to the rec...
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Organise Your Clutter

Organise Your Clutter

As with most who have businesses, we also need to be efficient with our time and materials, avoid clutter.  When you have a home business it is even more important because there is less available space.
Following a few basic principles keeps the place look tidier, making it easier to find things in a hurry and in an energy sense it clears the way for more good things to come our way, whether they are opportunity or money.

Here are a number of principles we can utilise to prevent clutter. 

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