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Welcome to the Planitbiz Success Blog. You can find information here about planning and running a successful business, and much more!
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Which road to take?

Which road to take?

Your turnover is OK and your customers are happy and keep coming back, but you still feel less than excited about your business.  It’s not that you have lost you passion, you just have less motivation than you used to or feel you should.  Many people in business today are women and they are juggling.  They are still expected (either by themselves or their partners) to keep house, bring up kids and run their businesses on their own.  Us women know that is an unreal expectation for anyone to have on us let alone on ourselves.  We try this for a while and then we get frustrated or overwhelmed or snowed under or a combination of all these.  A partners may say that our goals are unrealistic, but we know there is great potential and limitless possibilities available ‘out there’ and available to us.  So it is not that we are being unrealistic about, but we don’t have time and/or the energy to see what is really happening in our businesses. 

Is your business really meeting your expectations or are there no definite expectations or goals set for your business?  Do you know exactly what your long term goal is?  If you don’t any road you take is going to take you somewhere, that may be round and round in circles though.  Recent research conducted on about 200 small businesses showed that less than 98% have a written business plan.  At least take some time to sit down and write it out or draw some pictures of what you want.  While we are busy getting the work done or maintaining business relationships, we are not taking time out and create the reports or find the out facts and figures to measure the success of what we are doing.  Therefore, how do we really know how we are tracking toward our goals?  This is where Business Block Busters can help you.  You will feel frustrated if you don’t have a goal and begin to move in circles or it begins to become clear that you don’t have a distinct direction and have not taken the time to decide on one.

Some of the other things that contribute to your current situation and feelings about your business are things like your efficiency, focus and drive.  Some indicators of how efficient we are is the state of our office or home, for example the piles in the corner to be read, sorted or filed.  The unfortunate part about any aspect of business, and life for that matter, is that we don’t know what we don’t know, therefore we don’t always know how to make things better we can’t see them because we are comfortable with the way we have always done things.  This is particularly important for people in business who have big goals;  our comfort zone is our prison and containment box.

Many realise, often under the surface, that our outcomes are not out of our control, left to chance or down to luck.  There is innate knowledge that how we feel affects our motivation, which changes how we act, and therefore our results.  We have to change what we are doing and/or the way we are doing things to change our outcomes.  What are the outcomes you are not completely happy with and how can you change them?  What thinking, feelings and motivations can you adopt to move you closer to your goals and desired outcomes?  Do you need help to get a different perspective and gain the benefit of someone else’s mistakes and experiences?

Most business owners will get to a point where they get frustrated, overwhelmed and confused.  This can be due to many reasons, such as the long term goals and plans not being clear, impatience about the pace of movement toward goals, sensing or knowing your efforts are not enough to meet market demands or turn your dreams into a reality.  What are the inner beliefs and thoughts that are preventing you from acting and moving forward as you’d like? 

Maybe you are holding yourself back because you are contemplating what to do with your business next – what can be referred to as boom or bust confusion.  This comes from lack of clarity, uncertainty, disorientation, disturbance, being flustered or in turmoil.  Challenged by the decision you know has to be made – die or grow, fold or flourish.  The comfort zone and fear are two things that delay us from making prompt and committed decisions to change what we are doing to close down or move our business forward.  Staying in this state of mind can do a lot of harm to your business which is not easy to recover from.  Because you are distracted, jumbled, in a mess your actions are inefficient and you will get more frustrated.  If you have a plan it is easier to which of the extremes you prefer.  How would you feel if your business did not exist anymore and in 6 months would you regret it?  How would you feel if you accomplish your wildest business dreams?   Often it works best to get assistance to see what all the possible directions for your business are and it is a good idea to notice what your heart and intuition are telling you. 

Help! The spirit and spark has gone out of my bus...

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Saturday, 19 June 2021
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