Magic Manifesting Journal Prompter

Do you have dreams and goals which you would love to bring into reality sooner rather than later?

Journal and Pen

Using this journal prompter will not only will it bring your dreams into reality sooner, you will feel:

  • more grounded

  • more peaceful

  • more content

  • confident

  • happier

Manifestation through journaling

is extremely easy and powerful and everyone can do it

This tool includes two journal prompter (pdf download) - one for the morning and one for the evening.

Each contains questions to answer and suggested topics to include.  The best results are occur when you write off the top of your head, without thinking about what you are writing and without judgement.

Write your desires in the present tense, as if they are happening now.  Talk about the facts, outcomes and how you feel about them (both physically and emotionally).

Have fun with it and please share your results on my Facebook Page or on the contacts page for more privacy (only my eyes ;) ).

This journalling prompter is valued at $35.  If you don't use this journal prompter what won't you manifest?

Increase your internal connection, your self-appreciation 

and acceptance while manifesting your desires.

Here's what happened for others when using this tool:

Greg Bannon


After using this journalling prompter for 5 months I manifested my dream home!"

Ian Holden

"Journalling wasn't new to me when I started using this, I just hadn't done it for a few years.

What I did notice by following this method was how life just began to flow and become easier.  I became more grateful and calmer."

Oliver Lewinsky

"I was encouraged to do this as an exercise with my partner, not normally my thing.

I was surprised and how easy it was and how the words just seemed to flow from my hand.

I didn't share my journal entries with anyone, but did notice how my appreciation of myself deepened and I even began to like myself much more.  My confidence and self esteem increased."

Rita Quigley

"I didn't specifically journal to change anything, just as a creative outlet and a way of communicating with my subconscious or Higherself.

It did change how I saw and felt about myself and I noticed changes in the responses of others toward me.  When I looked back at my journal after three months, this is one of the areas I journaled on once a week."

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